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Object First Ootbi operates optimally and independently after initial configuration by design. Should the unexpected occur, our support program ensures you can continue business as usual without having to babysit technology.

Thanks to proactive monitoring software and knowledgeable engineers, we help maintain the always-on operation of your backup infrastructure with rapid response times for critical issues 24/7.

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Object First Product Support

Support hours
Email Support
Parts replacement
Next Business Day
Phone Support
Remote Support sessions
Severity 1 response/contact time
1 hour or less
Ticket Submission

Severity Level and Response Time

Severity 1 - Ootbi is not available or server is down
1 Hour
Severity 2 - Ootbi is running in degraded state
4 Hours
Severity 3 - Ootbi is running. General questions and consultations
4 Business Hours*

Object First Business Hours*

US Office:
9 AM – 6 PM EST
EMEA Office:
8 AM – 5 PM GMT
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Three ways to contact the support team: