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February 14, 2024 | 4 min to read

20 Critical Mistakes To Avoid After A Successful Cyberattack

Have you experienced a successful cyberattack with prolonged data recovery? Don’t return to normalcy just yet! Our CEO David Bennet urges companies to not fall back into complacency as it could lead to a second attack. Check out other critical mistakes from other Forbes Tech Council members.

David Bennet for Forbes
February 09, 2024 | 2 min to read

2024 Channel Chiefs: The 50 Most Influential

Super excited to share that our VP of Channel Sales, Vitaly Sukhovsky, has been named to the prestigious CRN 2024 Chanel Chiefs list, which recognizes top leaders throughout the IT channel who drive strategy and set the standard for channel success! Congrats to all the IT executives working to ensure collaborative victories with their partners and customers! 

CRN by Rick Whiting
February 07, 2024

Industry Experts Share Insights on Safer Internet Day 2024

In today’s digital age, we’re increasingly aware of how online security is a requirement to safeguard against malicious data exploitation like browser-based attacks or doxxing. While Zero Trust Data Resilience has been a reliable tactic for backup admin, many everyday users may still need guidance on best practices. For more insights from industry experts including our own Anthony Cusimano, check out the full piece on Safer Internet Day in VMblog.

Anthony Cusimano for VMblog
January 26, 2024

Data Privacy Day 2024: Tips and Views from Top Industry Experts

As we gear up for Data Privacy Day, our Technical Director, Anthony Cusimano, encourages everyone to celebrate with a digital lock. Take control of your data with 2FA and strong passwords. For more tips & tricks, check out this industry roundup in Vmblog.

Anthony Cusimano for VMblog
January 22, 2024

Safeguarding against the global ransomware threat

Ransomware is used by cybercriminals to steal and encrypt critical business data before demanding payment for its restoration. It represents one of, if not the most, serious cybersecurity threat currently facing governments, public/private sector organizations and enterprises around the world. Learn how Object First’s Ootbi delivers ransomware-proof and immutable backup storage that can be up and running in minutes.

The Register by Jack Kirkstall
December 23, 2023

The 10 Hottest Storage Startups Of 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Object First has been named as one of CRN’s hottest startups of 2023!
We’re proud to be recognized as a pioneer in hardware storage appliances, seamlessly integrating our proprietary software that resides in an on-premises environment for ransomware-proof data protection. Congrats to the other hot startups creating innovative solutions in the dynamic world of Data Storage!

CRN by Joe Koevar
December 22, 2023

Don’t underestimate vulnerabilities in the cloud. Adopt hybrid to stay protected

Cloud remains a popular storage solution for businesses and individuals alike – and for good reason, as it enables flexibility and scalability alongside cutting costs! 
However, cloud vulnerabilities remain. In fact, 82% of data breaches involve cloud data comprises. Our CEO David Bennett shares in Solutions Review why implementing a hybrid approach secures the cloud with the immutability and integrity of an on-premises storage solution.

Solutions Review By David Bennett
December 22, 2023

5 Strategic Tech Trends for 2024

Think ransomware demands were the only thing on the rise this year? Think again – cyber claims have also jumped 12%, indicating premiums will be next to rise in the new year. Immutable backups will hold the keys to recovery and be a requirement for companies to be covered by cyber insurance. Read more from our CEO, David Bennett, among other industry leaders in The CTO Club.

David Bennett for the CTO club
December 21, 2023

Blocking Ransomware Attacks with Anthony Cusimano

Not having a Zero Trust security strategy is so 2023! Check out the latest episode of the Software Daily podcast, where our Technical Director, Anthony Cusimano chats with Lee Atchison on the best methods to block ransomware attacks.

Anthony Cusimano for Software Engineering Daily
December 14, 2023

Storage ticker – December 13

This just in from our CEO, David Bennett, in Blocks & Files!
Immutable backups are set to become a non-negotiable for companies covered by cyber insurance in 2024. With a staggering 74% increase in average ransomware demands this year and a 12% surge in cyber claims, the reality is hitting hard. Cyber insurers will either hike premiums significantly to curb losses or champion proactive cyberattack preparation.

David Bennett for Blocks & Files