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Prodatix Introduces On-prem Immutable Storage For Veeam With Object First

The Business Challenge Immutable On-Prem Storage Needed for Data Security Prodatix is committed to protecting customer data and providing their customers the best products and strategies to safeguard Veeam backups. They provide a range of services to their customers, including data management, Veeam consulting, Veeam licensing, and backup appliances optimized for Veeam. Prodatix required a…


Centerbase Reinforces Data Protection Strategy with Object First

The Business Challenge When it comes to protecting backups, speed is everything, and downtime can be costly. A strategic recovery plan is crucial to maintain integrity and avoid disastrous consequences. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of one minute of downtime is $9,000, making the cost per hour over $500,000. Organizations like Centerbase,…


University Ransomware-Proofs Backups with Ootbi by Object First

The university needed a solution that provides true data immutability, is simple to deploy, seamlessly integrates with its existing technology, meets security compliance requirements, and solves the issue of slow recovery times that can make ransomware attacks so damaging to operations and reputation.


Immutability out-of-the-box solved for Mirazon and their customers

The desire to be resilient is becoming more prevalent across all corporations. Ransomware attacks have been rising over the past years, reaching a point where an attack occurs every 11 seconds. Because of this vulnerability, Mirazon, like many, needed to find an immutable solution that is also simple to operate and affordable for their customers.