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3 Reasons Ootbi* is Best Storage for Veeam

*Out-of-the-box immutability

Veeam customers are refreshing their current on-prem backup storage and looking for a secure, simple, and powerful, ransomware-proof solution that won’t break the budget and provides fast backup and Instant Recovery. Ootbi, which stands for out-of-the-box immutability is a storage target appliance that integrates seamlessly with Veeam, guarantees the security of its backups and purpose-built to be the best storage for Veeam.

In this paper, you will learn about the options for Veeam customers looking to upgrade and ransomware-proof their on-premises backup storage, how Ootbi helps you to implement a Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR) model for better backup infrastructure security and why Ootbi is the best storage for Veeam.


Zero Trust and Enterprise Data Backup

The Zero Trust model represents the best practices for organizations seeking to protect and secure their data and business. However, this model has not been substantively applied to data backup and recovery—until now. Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR) is a new model that extends the principles of Zero Trust to address the data backup and recovery use case.

Learn more about Zero Trust and how it applies to backup and recovery infrastructure, Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR) principles and architecture, and how to ransomware-proof your backup infrastructure and storage.