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Best Storage for Veeam



Out-of-the-box immutability. Zero access to root.


15 minutes to deploy and scale. No security expertise.


Lightning fast up to 4.0GB/s. Supercharged Instant Recovery.


Ootbi is built on the latest Zero Trust data security principles and delivers S3 native immutable object storage designed and optimized for unbeatable Veeam backup and recovery performance.

Secure Backups with Zero Trust Data Resilience

Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR) – developed by Veeam and Numberline Security – is the first extension of Zero Trust principles to the security of data backup and recovery systems:

  • Separation of Backup Software and Backup Storage to minimize the attack surface and blast radius.

  • Multiple data resilience zones to comply with 3-2-1 Backup Rule and ensure multi-layered security.

  • Immutable backup storage to protect backup data from modifications and deletions. Zero access to root and OS, protecting against external or internal threats.

Learn more about how Ootbi enables administrators to implement the ZTDR principles and architecture recommended by Veeam, ensuring unmatched data security.

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Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR) Architecture

Separation of Backup Software and Backup Storage

Ootbi Is Secure:

  • Ootbi utilizes Veeam’s “direct-to-object” functionality, leveraging S3 object storage, providing security and immutability without sacrificing high-performance backup.

  • Third-party tested and constantly validated, our hardened object storage appliance with zero access to the operating system delivers an impenetrable target for Veeam backup data.

  • Ootbi’s hardware form factor guarantees separation between the Veeam Backup & Replication server, ensuring multiple resilience zones to stay Zero Trust Data Resilient.

Ootbi Is Simple:

  • No expertise is required. Configuration requires 3 IPs, a username, password, and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) setup. That’s it!

  • Additional nodes can be added in minutes with automatic scaling and load balancing. No change to Veeam Namespace or Backup Repository configuration is required.

  • Updates are accessed directly from Object First servers, ensuring the Linux kernel and our proprietary object storage software stay secure and updated, mitigating the impact of zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits.

Ootbi Is Powerful:

  • Instant Recovery is tested at scale with up to 80 VMs running on a 4-node cluster.

  • Purpose-built storage integrating Veeam's SOS API delivers primary storage ingest speeds and scales linearly and automatically as additional nodes join the cluster.

  • Ootbi's Object storage was engineered explicitly to ingest and secure Veeam data at the default block encryption size, meaning no additional optimization or configuration is required.

Box to Backup in 15 Minutes

Explore our video playlist for a complete walkthrough of Ootbi setup.

Learn everything you need to know about our out-of-the-box immutable object storage appliance and how it makes your backups ransomware-proof.

Episode 1 - Unboxing

The first part of our Box-to-Backup series showcases how simple it is to unbox and ready Ootbi for an initial rack-n-stack setup. We quickly review the various parts and pieces within the shipping box and prepare you for what to expect when your box is delivered. Out-of-the-box immutability has never been this simple!

Episode 2 - Initial Setup (TUI)

The second video in our Box-to-Backup series covers the initial cluster configuration of Object First Ootbi. Setting up a primary backup storage appliance has never been easier. With just a few simple networking steps, your Ootbi appliance will be updated and online, ready to tackle the next steps of carving out S3 storage.

Episode 3 - WebUI Configuration

In this third video in our Box-2-Backup series, Matt and Anthony showcase how simple it is to create the S3 Keys and S3 Buckets required to connect Object First Ootbi to Veeam. Object First Ootbi the best storage for Veeam.

Episode 4 - Add Ootbi to Veeam

In this fourth video in our Box-2-Backup series, Matt and Anthony educate on creating backup repositories in Veeam Backup and Replication version 12 that connect directly to Object First Ootbi.

Episode 5 - Backing Up to Ootbi

In the final video of our Box-2-Backup series, Matt and Anthony finish by running a Veeam backup job targeting Object First Ootbi S3 storage. Throughout this series, we showcased how immutable, simple, and powerful Object First Ootbi is.

Why Object Storage?

Object storage technology is best for the data backup and recovery use case. Object storage’s S3 native immutability, unlimited scalability, lower cost of storing large volumes of data, seamless on-premises-to-cloud data copy, simplified management, reliability, and availability made it our only choice when we built Ootbi. Object First’s implementation of Object Storage is best for backup and recovery use cases because:

  • Immutability

    S3 native Object Lock. Secure, resilient, and purpose-built means data is isolated and untouchable.

  • Scalability

    Object-based systems anticipate horizontal scalability, which never sacrifices performance for capacity.

  • Up to Date

    Bugs, quirks, or limitations of a traditional file system are absent in object-based architectures.

  • On-Prem-to-Cloud

    Secure and seamless on-premises-to-cloud data copy in S3 format with no overhead.

  • Reliability

    The S3 protocol has guaranteed data delivery (unlike SMB or NFS), so businesses get end-to-end data reliability.

  • Availability

    Natively solves many of the availability needs organizations consider when considering backup storage and the 3-2-1 backup rule.

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