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Meet Ootbi,
The Best Storage for Veeam

Ransomware-proof and immutable out-of-the-box,
Object First Ootbi delivers secure, simple, and powerful backup storage for mid-enterprise Veeam customers that can be racked, stacked, and powered in 15-minutes while providing unbeatable backup and recovery performance.

Ootbi at a Glance

Object First Ootbi can be racked, stacked, and powered in 15-minutes. Ransomware-proof by design, Ootbi seamlessly integrates with Veeam V12 Smart Object Storage API and ensures that even if ransomware strikes, your backups are safe, and you never pay the ransom.

Powered by S3 object lock, Ootbi storage buckets are immutable by default and synchronize perfectly with Veeam v12 direct-to-object storage configuration powered by the Smart Object Storage API. A hardened operating system with no root or backend access by design. Zero configuration is required.
  • Built-in immutability reduces the risk of ransomware encrypting backup data.
  • A hardened operating system protects data integrity.
  • Confidently recover primary data if ransomware strikes.
  • Racked, stacked, and powered in minutes — not hours or days.
  • Scale performance and capacity linearly by simply adding another node.
  • Automated load balancing, self-healing, and scaling on-demand.
  • Designed and optimized to provide maximum backup and recovery performance.
  • Supercharges Instant Recovery with the ability to run failed workloads directly from backup within minutes.

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