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Our Story

Established by the founders of Veeam Software, Object First aims to eliminate the effects of ransomware and simplify data protection. Our solution, Ootbi, delivers a secure, simple, and powerful purpose-built backup target and is the best storage for Veeam. These are the foundational roots of Object First.


Intellectual Excellence

We attract and welcome intelligent individuals who bring their expertise, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Empowerment and Guidance

We seek to empower our teammates to thrive. We believe in constant communication, mentorship, and encouragement, enabling our team to achieve their best work.

Equipped for Success

We provide the right resources and tools, ensuring our team members have what they need to shine and make a significant impact.

Autonomy and Trust

We believe in the power of independence and trust, allowing the freedom to innovate, take ownership, and deliver results.

Mutual Challenge

We encourage each other to excel by pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and raising the bar to achieve excellence collectively.

Caring Collaboration

We deeply care about our colleagues and customers, promoting a collaborative and supportive environment where empathy, respect, and cooperation flourish.

Professional Journey

Object First is expanding and actively recruiting to support rapid expansion. We're looking for motivated individuals with a growth mindset who are fearless in figuring out what it takes to delight customers.

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