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Zero Trust and Secure Backup Storage

In the face of rising cyber threats, safeguarding backup data has never been more crucial. Our white paper delves into the imperative of Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR) — the extension of Zero Trust principles to data backup and recovery.

Learn how Object First’s Ootbi, built on ZTDR principles, provides a robust, immutable backup solution, ensuring your data remains untouchable during an attack.

Object First Ootbi: A Laser-Focused Opportunity for the Channel

The distinctive quality about Ootbi is that it’s custom-built not just for Veeam storage but for the Veeam channel as well. Here’s where it helps to know that Object First was co-founded by Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov, the same two people who co-founded Veeam. Unwavering, long-term commitment to the channel is a big part of what turned their earlier company into the powerhouse it is today, and is a deeply embedded part of their new company too.

Centerbase Reinforces Data Protection Strategy with Object First

The Business Challenge When it comes to protecting backups, speed is everything, and downtime can be costly. A strategic recovery plan is crucial to maintain integrity and avoid disastrous consequences. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of one minute of downtime is $9,000, making the cost per hour over $500,000. Organizations like Centerbase,…

University Ransomware-Proofs Backups with Ootbi by Object First

The university needed a solution that provides true data immutability, is simple to deploy, seamlessly integrates with its existing technology, meets security compliance requirements, and solves the issue of slow recovery times that can make ransomware attacks so damaging to operations and reputation.

Infographic by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Defeating Ransomware: Ootbi by Object First

Cyber attacks are pervasive, and cyber-risk continues to increase as cybercriminals zoom in on backups and target the data protection infrastructure. This means that data protection solutions must include cyber-recovery, be easy to use, and also be cost efficient in these challenging economic times. This is especially true in the mid-market where fewer IT resources may be available. That’s why Veeam customers should consider Object First appliances to stop ransomware in its tracks.

Object First Research Unveils Surprising Trend: 1 in 3 Consumers Demand Assurance of Ransomware Protection and Data Recovery from Companies

In spring 2023, Object First launched a study to gauge consumer perspectives on ransomware attacks and their expectations from companies entrusted with their personal information. Gathering responses from 1,000 U.S. consumers aged 18 and above, the survey provided key insights into varied generational responses to ransomware incidents. The data underscores the imperative need for businesses to bolster their ransomware prevention and data recovery strategies to uphold customer trust and retain loyalty in the face of increasing cyber threats.

A Growing, Profitable Opportunity for Partners with Object First – Data Protection Storage that Is Purpose-Built for Veeam

Modern data protection solutions need to be able to do a lot. They must have solid cyber-recovery and hybrid cloud protection capabilities. They must be quick to deploy and easy to manage. And they must be cost-efficient. Enterprise Strategy Group believes that Object First is well positioned with its Ootbi S3-compatable storage appliance to help Veeam users tackle these challenges head on.

Why Object Storage Is Suitable for Modern Backup Storage

Object First is a newcomer to both the object storage market and the data protection market, each of which has many vendors and little room for disruption. It will take time for the company to establish its niche and reputation in the market. Its attachment to Veeam via its foundation and its function gives the company a small boost in this regard, but how well it holds any real estate in the market will rely on the adoption of its technology.

Secure, Scalable, and Simple Data Protection Storage that Is Purpose-Built for Veeam

Today, modern data protection solutions must have solid cyber-recovery and hybrid cloud protection capabilities, but they also must be quick to deploy, easy to manage, and cost-efficient. Enterprise Strategy Group believes that Object First is well positioned with its S3-compatible storage appliance to help Veeam users tackle today’s ransomware-related challenges head on. In fact, Object First has an ambitious vision: It wants organizations to never have to pay a ransom again. If you are using Veeam software, especially if you operate a VMware environment, Object First is who you’ll likely want to talk for on-prem, ransomware-proof immutable storage that is simple, powerful, and affordable.

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The desire to be resilient is becoming more prevalent across all corporations. Ransomware attacks have been rising over the past years, reaching a point where an attack occurs every 11 seconds. Because of this vulnerability, Mirazon, like many, needed to find an immutable solution that is also simple to operate and affordable for their customers.