“Ootbi’s ease of use, simple interface, and the 15-minute setup process is no joke. I was very impressed.”

K12 School District Network and Security Administrator

Project Highlights

Business Challenge Summary

The SLED sector has a growing need for immutable primary storage. According to Sophos, 80% of education IT professionals reported ransomware incidents, an increase from 56% in 2022. Because it is immutable out-of-the-box, Ootbi enabled the School District to improve their security posture with a secure, simple, and immutable solution that is easy to deploy and manage.


North America



Biggest Data Backup Security Challenges Before Ootbi:

  • Inadequate storage: The organization was struggling with limitations in the amount of data it could effectively store, leading to potential data loss or the need for frequent data purging.
  • No immutability: The absence of immutability meant that data was susceptible to external or internal threats, plus unintentional alterations or deletions.
  • Storage was "homebrew": The use of custom-built storage solutions that didn’t necessarily conform to best practices introduced complexities and uncertainties. These solutions often lacked the security, robustness, and features required for effective and secure data backup and recovery.

Outcomes with Ootbi:

  • Flexible storage capacity: A scalable and adaptable data storage solution that overcomes previous limitations and accommodates the growing volume of data generated in their operations.
  • A secure and immutable backup appliance: A secure and immutable primary backup storage appliance ensures data integrity, security, and protection against malicious threats and accidental alterations.