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Prodatix Introduces On-prem Immutable Storage For Veeam With Object First

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      Ransomware-proof and immutable out-of-the-box, Ootbi by Object First delivers secure, simple, and powerful backup storage for Veeam customers. Ensure your customers never pay a data ransom with Ootbi by Object First, the best storage for Veeam.

The Business Challenge

Immutable On-Prem Storage Needed for Data Security

Prodatix is committed to protecting customer data and providing their customers the best products and strategies to safeguard Veeam backups. They provide a range of services to their customers, including data management, Veeam consulting, Veeam licensing, and backup appliances optimized for Veeam. Prodatix required a robust on-premises immutable storage solution to ensure secure backup storage and resilience against ransomware attacks. They partnered with Object First in 2022 as a beta partner to get a first-hand look at why Ootbi is the best storage for Veeam.

Ootbi is purpose-built for Veeam and designed to create a seamless customer and partner experience. “Ootbi by Object First made sense as we know the market needs immutable on-prem storage, but we did not want to get into that business of building complex, large capacity immutable appliances. Ootbi makes immutable storage simple, and we were excited by the 100% Veeam focus as we are a 100% Veeam shop,” says Prodatix VP of Technical Sales, Matt Bullock.

Additionally, Prodatix was seeking a vendor that provides a seamless partner experience through a 100% channel model and technical expertise. Bullock says, “Much like Veeam, we prefer to work with companies who understand the opportunity of working with partners who specialize in data protection. Many other vendors start competing with their partners which can cause significant channel conflict.”


Veeam Environments Enhanced for Prodatix Customers

Object First ensures partner satisfaction with channel-focused support and interactive enablement. Bullock speaks to the Prodatix onboarding experience and says, “having a demo by the Ootbi engineers really helped us to see the power of the appliance and is all we needed to get started talking about the product. We really appreciated the modified Linux platform that Object First developed to handle some of the immutable storage realities in Veeam’s VBR 12.” The product is simple to deploy and manage, and no advanced storage or security experience is required for the Prodatix team to sell Ootbi.

Object First provides a robust partner program and the tools required to benefit partners’ business. “The sales materials and reusable social media graphics helped us to get going. We have sent out emails to current and prospective customers about the Ootbi appliance and included the verbiage and graphics that were supplied to us. That really helped to message the Ootbi appliance correctly.”


Prodatix Supplies Customers with Turn-Key Immutable Appliance

Now Prodatix can offer a robust immutable storage solution for Veeam and give customers the data protection they need and deserve. “We present Ootbi as a necessary part of a data protection strategy and part of the recovery plan. We also explain that the cloud is great, but you have to be able to restore from on-prem during and after a cyber-attack to ensure you are reducing downtime.”

Ootbi also solves pain points for Prodatix customers through simple setup and deployment. “ Object First’s Veeam-specific, easy to use, and stable immutable storage appliance ‘easy-button’ is the most impressive for the customers w. Busy IT teams need a turn-key immutable appliance that works the first time and every time without a lot of time and interaction needed with the appliance.” Object First aims to empower partners with a product that delights customers and builds loyalty.


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