Introducing Ootbi by Object First:
Best Storage for Veeam

Ready to offer your customers a secure, reliable, and partner-focused backup storage experience? Ootbi by Object First, designed exclusively for Veeam, prevents data loss due to ransomware attacks.

Why Choose Ootbi
by Object First?

100% Channel Commitment:

Our success is tied to yours with a 100% channel model. We focus on helping you close deals and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Trust our high-margin partner program's commitment to your success.

Ransomware-Proof Security:

With increasing ransomware attacks, Ootbi's out-of-the-box immutability and hardened operating system protect your customers' data. Provide peace of mind, knowing they're always ready to recover from attacks.

Support Oriented Approach:

We prioritize consistent partner and customer satisfaction. Our channel-focused support ecosystem guarantees delight. Our comprehensive, interactive enablement program keeps you informed and supported 24/7.

Experience the Difference
with Ootbi by Object First

Join us today, offer your customers the best storage for Veeam, and secure their data
with ransomware-proof technology. Together, we'll ensure they never pay a data ransom again.

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at or call +1 (844) 569-0653.
We look forward to working with you!

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