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Are Immutable Backups Your Best Bet Against Ransomware Attacks?

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The financial impact of ransomware is projected to soar to an astounding $265 billion annually by 2031, with cybercriminals launching attacks every two seconds, escalating their tactics in sophistication and frequency.

Despite numerous ransomware defense strategies, the stark reality remains that no system is entirely invulnerable to these threats, transforming the question of 'if' into 'when' an organization will face such an attack.

However, amidst this challenging landscape shines a ray of hope: immutable backups. Explore how immutability is the ultimate line of defense, keeping your organization's data secure and inaccessible, even in the face of persistent cyber hazards.

The Alarming Simplicity of Becoming a Ransomware Victim

A recent report by Cyberint reveals a significant rise in ransomware attacks, with 4,368 victims reported in 2023 alone – a 55% increase from the previous year. This increase is not a coincidence but a trend that will continue to grow in the coming years.

Since ransomware attacks are not just expected but also alarmingly effective in today's interconnected digital world, find the reasons why it's so easy to become a target:

  • Widespread Vulnerabilities: Many systems and software, especially those not regularly updated, contain vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit to deploy ransomware.
  • Sophisticated Phishing Tactics: Attackers use cleverly disguised emails that trick individuals into revealing sensitive information or downloading malware.
  • Lack of Awareness and Training: Many users and organizations lack adequate cybersecurity awareness, making them easy targets for ransomware attacks.
  • Inadequate Security Measures: Often, organizations do not have robust security protocols in place, leaving their networks vulnerable to attacks.
  • Rapid Spread through Networks: Once infiltrated, ransomware can quickly spread across an entire network, encrypting files and systems in its path.
  • Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS): The availability of RaaS on the dark web allows even inexperienced criminals to launch ransomware attacks, broadening the scope of potential attackers.
  • Use of Social Engineering: Attackers often leverage social engineering techniques to manipulate individuals into performing actions that lead to a breach.
  • Increasingly Connected Systems: The rise of IoT and interconnected devices expands the attack surface, providing more opportunities for ransomware to infiltrate.

Immutable Backups: Your Strongest Shield Against Ransomware

Absolute guarantees of protection against ransomware attacks are a myth since no single solution offers a 100% safeguard. However, immutable backups emerge as the most formidable line of defense, providing a reliable fallback in the event of a data breach.

Discover how they offer unparalleled security in an unpredictable cyber landscape.

What Are Immutable Backups and How Do They Work?

Immutable backups are designed to be unchangeable once created, making them exceptionally secure. Once your data is stored in these backups, it becomes utterly safe from tampering. It means that no one, not even those with high-level access, can alter or delete the data, ensuring it remains intact and protected at all times.

Functioning on a 'write once, read many' (WORM) format, they ensure the data's integrity, offering a reliable defense against the data-encrypting tactics commonly employed in ransomware attacks.

The Role of Immutable Backups in Ransomware Resilience

In 2023, a staggering 93% of cyber-attacks specifically targeted backup data, with three-quarters of these attacks successfully disrupting victims' recovery processes.

This alarming statistic underscores the vital role of immutable backups, so explore how they provide unmatched protection for your critical data:

  1. Impenetrable Data Security: The immutable nature means data cannot be encrypted or altered by ransomware, preserving its original state.
  2. Guaranteed Data Recovery: Even if your network gets infected, the immutable backups remain untouched, ensuring reliable ransomware data recovery.
  3. Compliance and Integrity: Helps in meeting compliance requirements by ensuring data integrity, a must for sensitive and regulatory-bound data.
  4. Deterrent to Attackers: Knowing that data can be recovered from immutable backups, attackers may be deterred from targeting an organization.
  5. Enhanced Backup Confidence: Provides peace of mind and confidence in the data backup strategy, knowing that critical backup data is protected and recoverable.

Ootbi (Out-of-the-box immutability) to the Rescue

Ransomware-proof and immutable out-of-the-box, Ootbi by Object First delivers secure, simple, and powerful backup storage for Veeam customers. The appliance can be racked, stacked, and powered in 15 minutes.

Ootbi is built on Zero Trust principles and delivers S3 native immutable object storage designed and optimized for unbeatable backup and recovery performance.

Ootbi utilizes S3 Object Lock to enable immutability and runs its storage software on a hardened Linux operating system with a "zero access to root" policy.

Immutable Backups as the Cornerstone of Data Security

Since no solution guarantees complete ransomware protection, immutable backups are your cornerstone of data security, providing tamper-resistant data copies and allowing you to restore files without negotiating with cybercriminals.

Request a demo and witness how Ootbi can protect your data from cyber threats, disasters, and accidental deletion.

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