Ootbi by Object First is the best storage for Veeam. Ransomware-proof and immutable out-of-the-box, Ootbi by Object First delivers secure, simple, and powerful backup storage for Veeam customers.

In a world where businesses fall victim to ransomware every 11 seconds, and backups are often the target, Ootbi’s out-of-the-box immutability helps make backup data ransomware-proof. Designed around zero trust and data security principles with built-in immutability, Ootbi helps drastically reduce the risk of ransomware affecting backup data. A customized hardened Linux operating system doubles down on security, and with zero access to root or operating system means even the most privileged user cannot alter Ootbi or its immutable data. Never pay the ransom and recover confidently with Ootbi!

Secure by DefaultA hardened object storage appliance with zero access to the operating system that is third-party tested with constant security validation creates an impenetrable target for Veeam backup data.
Box-2-Backup in 15 MinutesNo object storage or security expertise is required. Setup requires 3 IPs (two physical and on vIP for the S3 endpoint), a username, password, and MFA setup. That’s it!
Supercharged Instant RecoveryOotbi has been certified to handle up to 80 concurrent instant recoveries due to SOS-enabled direct-to-node network access bypassing any unnecessary traffic hops that might hinder performance



What’s in the box?

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