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A Non-Sports Nerd Talks About the Importance of the Olympics and Why Other Nerds Should Care

The Olympics’ official website has published an entire page on what you need to know about cybersecurity and the Olympic games. It’s an excellent primer for those less technically inclined to understand how they can protect themselves digitally and still have fun watching people throw disks at each other. 

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VeeamON 2024 Being There in the Moment

VeeamON 2024 is behind us, and as always, it is time to reflect on the event and review some of the highlights.

Attending IT conferences is always special, but after experiencing the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have taken on even more meaning and significance. Often, one learns through deprivation, which was certainly the case regarding IT gatherings during the lockdowns.

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It’s Conference Season: Zero Trust Perspectives on RSA Conference and VeeamON

Guest blogger Jason Garbis is the Founder of Numberline Security, co-chair of the Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance, and author of two books on Zero Trust. He joins us to share insights on information security and Zero Trust.

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The 192TB Ootbi: A New Era of Backup Storage

It's been a wild ride since Object First Ootbi launched on February 14th, 2023. 
Over the last year, we've added many new customers and grown tremendously as a company, more than doubling in size, securing Veeam backup data from ransomware. 
Here's a quick look back at how far we've come and what's new with Ootbi.

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Time to update your passwords again, it's world password day

Let’s be real here: passwords are dying. In the olden days, you could get by with 2-3 memorable passwords and brute-force your brain to figure out how to get into your MySpace account without fear of being locked out, and that was still pretty secure. 

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Aces Community Blog April

Welcome back to the Object First Aces Blog for April. It’s an exciting time for us, as we are now one month into the Object First Aces program! If you missed our previous announcement and blog about the Object First Aces, be sure to give it a read.

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Implementing The Airport Security Model for Data Protection

In today's digital age, safeguarding critical data is paramount. We've all experienced the tightened security measures at airports, where protecting passengers and assets is non-negotiable. Likewise, the principles of secure data storage reflect the rigorous security protocols observed in airport terminals. The parallels between airport security and data security are abundant because we have realized that we must protect the things that keep us moving – air travel and data. 

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Top Seven Cybersecurity Threats in 2024

As cybercrime is projected to take a toll of $9.22 trillion on global internet users in 2024, the urgency to understand and interact with diverse cyber threats has never been more critical. These looming dangers pose significant risks to business operations, financial stability, and reputation, underscoring the need for robust defensive strategies. Discover insights into navigating these challenges and implementing effective countermeasures to safeguard your enterprise. 

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3 Ways to Improve Recovery Rates on World Backup Day

This year, I wanted to enhance some of the tips I shared last year and mix some spicy new ones to help all backup-minded individuals find the peace of mind they deserve. Consider this blog an amendment to the previous World Backup Day constitution.  

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Pitching Simplicity, How Ootbi Makes Everything Easier

In the complex landscape of cybersecurity solutions, finding the right pitch can often feel like navigating a maze. With countless options vying for attention, the thought of adding yet another storage solution to your portfolio may seem daunting. However, what if there was a solution that could simplify your pitch process and address the specific storage needs of Veeam users with ease? Enter Ootbi.