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Anthony Cusimano
Anthony Cusimano has worked in many roles in tech for over a decade. He started as a developer, shifted to sales, and masterfully moved into marketing. He is a passionate gamer who stays up to date on all things technology to ensure he can achieve as many frames per second as possible on his gaming PC. He enjoys speaking at events and has previously shared the stage with astronauts and MARVEL superheroes. Anthony enjoys the nerdier things in life, watching classic movies, building Gundams, and flying questionably legal FPV drones in abandoned mall parking lots. When he isn't geeking out on the latest fad, he and his wife Sarah enjoy visiting lesser-known Florida destinations and spoiling their two dogs, Luna and Smudge.

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The 192TB Ootbi: A New Era of Backup Storage

It's been a wild ride since Object First Ootbi launched on February 14th, 2023. 
Over the last year, we've added many new customers and grown tremendously as a company, more than doubling in size, securing Veeam backup data from ransomware. 
Here's a quick look back at how far we've come and what's new with Ootbi.

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Not Zero Trust Backup Architectures

In blog #2 of this series, we delved into the central principles of the Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR) model: segmentation, multiple data resilience zones, and immutable backup storage. This model and architecture, a collaborative effort between Veeam and Numberline Security, extends CISA’s Zero Trust principles and Maturity Model to the enterprise data backup and recovery use case. 

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3 Zero Trust Principles for Data Backup

In blog #1 of this series, we have outlined Zero Trust principles and introduced the new Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZTDR) model. The ZTDR model and architecture have been developed in collaboration between Veeam and Numberline Security. It extends the tenets of CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model with the following principles that cover enterprise data backup and recovery.

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Time to update your passwords again, it's world password day

Let’s be real here: passwords are dying. In the olden days, you could get by with 2-3 memorable passwords and brute-force your brain to figure out how to get into your MySpace account without fear of being locked out, and that was still pretty secure. 

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Zero Trust and Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery

The Zero Trust model represents the current best practice for organizations seeking to protect and secure their data and business. However, this model has not been substantively applied to data backup and recovery. Zero Trust advisory firm Numberline Security and Veeam recently collaborated on research to fill this gap and reduce risk for organizations seeking to evolve beyond perimeter security. 

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3 Ways to Improve Recovery Rates on World Backup Day

This year, I wanted to enhance some of the tips I shared last year and mix some spicy new ones to help all backup-minded individuals find the peace of mind they deserve. Consider this blog an amendment to the previous World Backup Day constitution.  

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The Importance of Being Simple

Simplicity, on the other hand, can be a powerful tool in enhancing data center security. A simpler system is easier to understand, monitor, and secure. It reduces the number of potential attack vectors and makes it easier to spot anomalies.

Here are some ways simplicity can be incorporated into data center security.

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Celebrate Safer Internet Day with Zero Trust for Normies!

Internet Safety might seem less important than car or home safety due to its digital nature. But recently, many have come to grips with how our information is constantly used for better or worse and how that can lead to dangerous consequences both in the digital world and the physical. Recent years have seen the rise of cyberbullying, social engineering, browser-based attacks, doxxing, and DDOS attacks, to name a few terrible ways people use the internet as a weapon.

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Locking the Doors to Your Data: Keeping Your Data Private in the Digital Age

You have probably heard of (or lived in) a time when you didn’t have to lock the doors to your home. Over the years, we learned that locks are essential security features for any building and ensure safety and privacy for those inside. This analogy perfectly aligns with where we are today with data privacy. Many are realizing that putting ourselves on the internet with no “locks” or consideration for our security and privacy can be pretty risky.

Ransomware Response Plan: How to Recover After the Attack

Ransomware spares no one. Mid-size organizations, schools, libraries, and even hospitals—all suffer ransomware attacks as often as once every eleven seconds. The chances of getting hit with ransomware are never zero, regardless of a company’s security posture. In other words, it’s not a question of if but when the attack will occur. The prevalence of…