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The 192TB Ootbi: A New Era of Backup Storage

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It's been a wild ride since Object First Ootbi launched on February 14th, 2023. 

Over the last year, we've added many new customers and grown tremendously as a company, more than doubling in size, securing Veeam backup data from ransomware. 
Here's a quick look back at how far we've come and what's new with Ootbi.

A Year in Review 

Ransomware Threats and Ootbi's Response

Since our initial launch of Ootbi, ransomware has continued to devastate the market. Attacks have increased in scope, speed, and complexity. AI impersonations and socially engineered insider breaches have become new attack vectors, increasingly exposing data centers to compromise.

Even Worse, backups remain the most commonly targeted point of attack to ensure ransom is paid. Fortunately, Ootbi's zero access policy comes in handy when "the call is coming from inside the house" situations occur.  

Zero Trust Data Resilience 

While Ootbi has helped numerous Veeam customers recover from ransomware, many without immutable storage needed to better architect their environments to be ransomware resilient. To that end, Veeam and Numberline released the Zero Trust Data Resilience report
We also released our ZTDR white paper, enabling every backup admin to increase their data security posture and defend against ransomware. 

Customer Feedback and Product Improvements

We listened to our initial customers to learn why they loved Ootbi and where we could improve. Some asked us for more security features to make auditing more accessible and continue to improve ransomware protection. 

Others praised our dedicated integration with Veeam and asked when they could expand their storage footprint inside the Veeam ecosystem. 
But the most asked question was, "When can we get a bigger box?" I'm so excited to report that we heard from you! 

What's New with Ootbi?

On June 3rd at VeeamON 24, we launched an all-new appliance alongside our 1.5 release, which is in perfect harmony with Veeam's 12.1.2 release. 
The NEW 192TB Ootbi now brings more size, scale, and security to your Veeam backups!

More Size

Object First has upgraded Ootbi's familiar box with a bigger increased capacity. Joining our family of 64TB and 128TB, the new 192TB will pave the way for larger clusters that can now span up to 768TB of usable immutable backup storage per cluster. 

The new 192 Ootbi can be mixed and matched with the smaller box sizes when joining existing clusters and offers the same secure, simple, and powerful experience our customers have come to love.  

More Scale

Moreover, continuous integration with Veeam's 12.1.2 release opens the door to greater backup storage capacities. As of the latest version, multiple object storage targets can now be used as multiple extents in an SOBR.

It means that Veeam admins can now target as many Ootbi clusters in a single SOBR as their heart desires, unlocking Ootbi's usable capacity beyond 3PB

More Security

Over the last year, Object First has continuously performed third-party security testing and validation of Ootbi to improve storage and system security. 
Our 1.5 release is a direct result of the reports from these various tests, including:

  • Integrating additional support for NTS time service options and named admins.
  • Bringing more auditing options directly to our customers. 
  • Enhancing our out-of-the-box hardening.

We also added numerous smaller security updates and bug fixes to ensure every Object First customer stays as delighted in year two as they were when they first configured Ootbi. 

Future Facing 

While we are always excited to offer our customers new options and features, our momentum isn't slowing down. 
As we continue to innovate and update over the coming years, the ask remains: reach out with your feedback, stay secure, and follow best practices like Zero Trust Data Resilience. 

Book a demo and experience the power of the NEW 192TB Ootbi if you haven't already.  

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