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Ryan Post
Ryan Post is an IT professional with over 10 years as a sales engineer focusing on data management, primarily with data protection. Most of his career was spent as a systems engineer with Veeam Software helping commercial and SLED customers with understanding the Veeam product lines and design best practices to achieve their data protection needs. Not only customer focused, but he also interacts with channel partners for the solutions he supports as a sales engineer.

Immutable Backup and Immutable Storage: All You Need to Know

In the face of devastating data loss and cunning cyber threats, the non-negotiable need for rock-solid data protection is crucial. At Object First, we firmly believe that immutability is the safest data storage and backup approach for businesses, empowering them to safeguard their valuable information, especially against the growing threat of ransomware attacks. Let’s find…

Cloud vs. On-Premise vs. Hybrid Backup: Which is Better?

Data backup and recovery is one of the most vital elements to ensure business continuity in the case of any ransomware, disaster, or cyber-attack. Admins often choose between two different backup solutions: cloud and on-premises. IT leaders must quickly evaluate and purchase these backup solutions to outpace the threat of attack, disaster, and data corruption….