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  • Surprise! New ransomware lilith is on the rise, is still terrible

Surprise! New ransomware lilith is on the rise, is still terrible

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At this point, it’s almost mind-numbing. Open your favorite tech news site, see the headline about some new cleverly named threat, inspect what operating system is vulnerable, check your endpoint protection for updates, cross your fingers, and pray to whatever deity you subscribe to. At least that’s the process I just went through after reading up on a brand new ransomware called Lilith. Please go on, and glance at it. It’s worth your time, and we’ll be here when you return.

It’s equal parts frustrating as it is futile. No amount of preparation, prevention, or perfection can genuinely mitigate the always-updating threat of an attack. I let out a sigh of relief, seeing that Lilith only impacted 64-bit Windows; at least my Mac is okay. As frustrating as the ongoing digital ransomware pandemic is, I am thankful that so many businesses are fervently working on assessing and addressing the evolving threat. When I hear customers talking about their ongoing battle to implement a proper strategy, I am pleased that — as someone working for a company that delivers ransomware-proof backup target appliances — we can help embolden their solutions.

To combat this ever-changing threat, security is a must; ensuring the network traffic is monitored, permissions are strict, and identities are checked with two-factor (or more) authentication is a great start. Unfortunately, no amount of security is foolproof. Many malicious programs use hardware backdoors, holes in security systems, or are brought in maliciously by disgruntled employees — or even accidentally via social engineering. This is why backups are essential no matter how proactive a business is.

Because of their absolute importance, backups have become the top target for ransomware attacks. Ensuring both the backup provider and the storage ecosystem are resilient is critical. A flaw in either can result in complete encryption, data leaks, or worse: deletion of the business’ data and associated backups. In this worst-case scenario, the only option is to pay, which does not guarantee a smooth recovery or any recovery at all. Recovery is an afterthought, and numerous testimonies of those who have paid cite it’s often slow and results in partial or failed recoveries.

The best strategy for keeping backup ecosystems safe is to partner with a backup provider that puts security first. While no software is truly immune from threats, implementing a properly secured 3-2-1 backup strategy with a provider that is vigilant about resiliency is essential. Even more important is ensuring your backup storage supports true immutability, meaning all backup data stored within is untouchable for a defined period. Only with this pairing can admins truly feel a sense of control when so many threats seek to take it away.

Object First seeks to ensure Veeam customers never have to deal with ransomware again.

With Veeam and Object First working together, your backup data is untouchable and, as we say, ransomware proof. For us, proper development of object storage that delivers performant ingest paired with object lock — allowing VBR v12 to write immutable backups to our device — was the only acceptable solution for a primary backup target device for Veeam. Our developers have worked tirelessly for the last two years to build this appliance and we are so excited for you to be able to take advantage of it soon.

Ransomware need not be a threat for much longer. No matter what operating system, database, infrastructure, and ecosystem you operate in, you can rest assured that very soon you will be able to access the best backup provider with storage that provides effortless immutability, ensuring your data is as ransomware proof as can be.

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