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Aces Community Blog April

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What is the Aces Monthly Blog? 

Welcome back to the Object First Aces Blog for April. It’s an exciting time for us, as we are now one month into the Object First Aces program! If you missed our previous announcement and blog about the Object First Aces, be sure to give it a read. While applications to join have been closed for this year, we’d like to use this blog series to keep you abreast of all things Aces and share further opportunities to interact with us. If you want to keep tabs on what all the Aces are up to, scroll to the end of each blog post, where I will list some of the posts our Aces have made.   

The Importance of Community 

For today's blog, I want to discuss Community Programs in general. IT community programs are unique and often misunderstood. They play an essential role in restoring humanity to the IT business world.  

Companies want to make a profit and are always aware of the competitive environment in which they function. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs desire to give back to the people who help them succeed, and creating fun, engaging, and stimulating community groups is one way to achieve this.   

An IT community is a place (often digital) where like-minded IT professionals can come together to share knowledge and experience and have fun. 

 Communities like the Aces also help spread their members' personal brands, expand their networks, and, as a result, further benefit the members’ career ambitions and aspirations.  

Object First Aces 

When it comes to IT communities, everybody wins!  

Here at Object First, we want to continue to generate that community spirit. 

 The Aces were chosen based on their expertise in data protection, specifically their work and knowledge of Veeam Software.  

Many of you have asked, “Who are the Aces?” Well, we will soon present them to you on our dedicated Aces page on the website, so stay tuned! 

IT Joke of the Month:  

What did the Manager say to the IT Tech who asked about performing updates right before his company got hit by a massive malware attack? 


“Our Windows Servers are business critical and too important to ever shut down! They run 24/7!” 

ACES Content from previous months: 


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