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Do you want to be an Ace?

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We are announcing the inaugural Object First Ace Community Leader group.

The Object First Aces is a new initiative to build a community of highly skilled and motivated Veeam Backup and Replication software users. The Aces will be chosen based on their accomplishments, Veeam product knowledge, and their responses to the questions on the application email.

The members of this community will be the leaders of our external user group. As a new IT community, they will have a unique opportunity to shape and influence the group for the future. They will be able to share their experiences, insights, and best practices with other Veeam users while also learning from the experiences of others.

By bringing together a select group of Veeam users with a passion for the product, we hope to create a dynamic and supportive group that will benefit all members and help drive innovation in data protection and management.

Will the Aces only be about Object Storage?

Aces will consist of individuals with expertise in data protection and the industry. Any contributions or content relevant to these areas will be welcomed and encouraged. This group aims to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among its members and externally to a broader audience to ensure the best practices and standards are followed in these fields.

Why join an IT community anyway?

The answer to that question can be different depending on personal perspectives, but there are some common truths that I will highlight here.

IT communities, first and foremost, are a safe place for technical folks to get together and discuss technologies that they work with.

In that sense, they serve as a valuable source of information, experience sharing, and feedback to the technology builders. Honest user experience is the ultimate driver of progress.

For the community star, there is also the personal brand question. In today’s competitive hiring environment, businesses want more than siloed technical people. Being an active member of an IT community is proof of drive and ambition. In a sense, this activity can be a fundamental reference in networking and advancing your career. As a community champion, you become well-known to the greater IT community, and with fame comes rewards.

ACE’s Activities:

  • Participate in Monthly calls.
  • Produce content not only about Object Storage.
  • Take part in Product tests.
  • Take part in Webinars and Events.
  • Take part in ACE’s Slack channel.

What will the ACES receive for being part of this great group:

  • Exclusive Swag
  • Ability to Blog on Object First’s web
  • Take part in Object First’s shows.
  • In-person events
  • Meet with some of Object First’s top engineers.

There will be a 1-year ACE tenure, after which there will be a renewal process for existing ACES along with new ACES applications opening on February 15 annually.

Please email Geoff.burke@objectfirst.com if you would like to apply to be a member of this exclusive group.

We will announce the successful applicants on March 15

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