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Matt PriceMatt Price
Matt Price
Matt Price is an IT professional with over 15 years in the technology space, 10 of which focusing specifically on BC/DR solutions. He spent the past ten years working at Veeam Software as an engineer and principal enablement technologist helping design modern solutions to data protection requirements. He also helped develop and deliver technical training at Veeam, such as the Veeam Certified Engineer & Veeam Certified Architect curriculums.

Mastering Repository Planning with Veeam and Object First

Veeam stands at the forefront of comprehensive backup solutions in the dynamic realm of data protection. A pivotal element in bolstering data security is the integration of object storage repositories with immutability. This feature guarantees the unalterability of backups, shielding them from ransomware, accidental erasures, or other forms of data corruption. To fully harness Veeam’s…

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Recovering From Ransomware: What to Do After an Attack

In 2023, a global ransomware trend report revealed a sharp increase in attacks, affecting 85% of companies. These incidents seriously endanger businesses by compromising their most vital asset: data. A composed and well-planned recovery plan is crucial to prevent data loss effectively.
Whether you’re a backup admin, an IT Leader, or a Security Architect, find a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the aftermath of any ransomware incident, ensuring readiness and confidence in the face of cyber adversity.

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New Veeam Smart Object Storage API (SOSAPI) for Efficient Data Management

In the ever-evolving data management landscape, businesses constantly seek innovative solutions to enhance their backup and recovery processes.  One solution that has gained prominence is the Veeam Smart Object Storage API. This powerful tool offers a gateway to improved efficiency, scalability, and flexibility in handling data backups.  Understanding the Veeam Smart Object Storage API’s features…

Object Storage Explained: A Modern Approach to Data Protection

In an era where data is the lifeblood of organizations, safeguarding it has become paramount. The need for modern, resilient backup and recovery systems is more significant than ever, especially in the face of rising cyber threats like ransomware. Unlike traditional file and block storage, object storage not only provides a robust backup system but…


Ransomware Defense: Best Practices for Malware and Ransomware Prevention

In 2023, a global ransomware trend report revealed that 85% of companies faced at least one attack over the last year, an alarming rise from 76% the year before. This increase highlights the critical need for robust ransomware defense strategies, making it imperative for organizations to strengthen their cyber defenses to counter these advanced threats…

| 6 min to read

Zeroing in on the ultimate data recoverability. Part 2

In the first installment, we learned about the 3-2-1 strategy, with an extra 1 — signifying the importance of having an air-gapped copy of your backup data. With a comprehensive roadmap of where and how to store your critical backup data, let’s not forget where we left off with the all important 0. What about the zero?

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Ultimate data recoverability. Part 1

Ransomware attacks are increasing at staggering rates. Ransomware impacted over 90% of organizations in the past 12 months, up from 72.5% last year. Despite continuous investments in cybersecurity and data protection, ransomware continues to put your data at risk. You can read more about these shocking statistics at VentureBeat.