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Hubert BrychczynskiHubert Brychczynski
Hubert Brychczynski
Hubert’s mind is as unstructured as data in object storage. He has a soft spot for alliteration but enough discernment in dispensing the words at his disposal to keep it in check—at least most of the time. Object First inspired Hubert with its mission to end ransomware, so he joined to spread the message. In the words of Roy Peter Clark, he aspires to “tell stories in the public interest” and “make complicated things interesting enough so that readers will pay attention.” Hubert spends time / researching cybercrime / but is partial to rhyme. His favorite poet is Ogden Nash, who said: “In chaos sublunary, what remains but constant buffoonery.” He loves comic books, and “Calvin and Hobbes” holds a special place in his heart. PS. You can pronounce his last name like this: “brick-chin-ski”.

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Object First’s Secure Repository for Veeam: Ootbi and IT Security

In this article, we’ll look at IT security in backup architecture as a continuous process that needs to be constantly revisited. 

Enterprise Backup Solutions: The Definitive Guide

An enterprise backup solution works as an antidote against data loss, but only as long as it fits a given business case. In this article, you'll learn what enterprise backup solutions are and why they matter. You'll also find a checklist of essential features to look for when researching these solutions yourself. 

What is disaster recovery (DR)?

Disaster recovery allows organizations to restore operations after a paralyzing incident. It consists of protocols and policies that either prevent incidents from happening or facilitate the recovery process in the aftermath. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) determine the effectiveness of the process. They refer, respectively, to the maximum tolerable data loss (RTO) and the minimum speed of recovery (RPO).

What is Data Protection? Principles & Trends for 2024

Data protection is becoming more critical than ever as hackers continue to discover new and surprising attack vectors. For example, they can now guess with 95% accuracy what is being typed on a smartphone by analyzing vibrations on the screen.

Once criminals get hold of sensitive data, they encrypt it for ransom, leak it, sell it on the black market, or all of the above. Data protection remains the single most important guardrail against data-related incidents. This article discusses it in depth.

Continuous data protection: The time machine for your data

Say you lost something. Now, imagine a time machine that lets you go back and lift that thing from the last place you still had it in. Continuous data protection (CDP) is a process that allows businesses to do the same with data.

Organizations can immensely benefit from continuous data protection because it enables instantaneous recovery of any data from any point in time without the limitations of backup windows or recovery point objectives. This article explains continuous data protection, how it works, its pros and cons, and how it compares to traditional backups.

Data Backup Strategy: A 9-step Path to Safety

Things inevitably break. It is true for every system, but especially for the complex ones. Today’s data infrastructures are notoriously complex in and of themselves and often connected to the World Wide Web. As such, they are incredibly vulnerable to compromise. Although the vulnerability is inherent in their design, a robust data backup strategy successfully mitigates it.

Air gap backups: What are they, and how do they work?

Air gapping does for software what social distancing does for people—wards off infections. It’s a backup and recovery strategy that stops malicious agents from infiltrating, buttresses the security posture in hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), and plays a crucial role in recovery procedures such as disaster recovery plans (DR). What is air gapping? Air gapping is a…

Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) Storage: Your Data Set in Stone

To see write-once-read-many in action, visit the Museum of Palermo. It houses the Palermo Stone–a sturdy, black piece of basalt rock with engravings about the events of its time. Four thousand four hundred forty years old, it survived unscathed to our times. Contemporary businesses seek similar information security but face more significant threats than just…

Purpose-Built Backup Appliances (PBBA) — Features and Market Potential

Imagine a box roughly the size of a carry-on suitcase. It fits terabytes of data, boasts a bandwidth of gigabytes per second, comes with a built-in & pre-configured OS, and is ready to work in less than fifteen minutes. What you just pictured is a PBBA, or purpose-built backup appliance. Take note, because these babies…

S3 Object Lock for Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks show no signs of abating. If anything, they are getting worse. According to Black Kite, ransomware incidence nearly doubled in early 2023 compared to last year. With the integrity of their businesses on the line, prudent entrepreneurs must take every action to resist ransomware. For example, they might consider using S3 Object Lock,…