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Posts by Hubert Brychczynski

Hubert Brychczynski
Hubert’s mind is as unstructured as data in object storage. He has a soft spot for alliteration but enough discernment in dispensing the words at his disposal to keep it in check—at least most of the time. Object First inspired Hubert with its mission to end ransomware, so he joined to spread the message. In the words of Roy Peter Clark, he aspires to “tell stories in the public interest” and “make complicated things interesting enough so that readers will pay attention.” Hubert spends time / researching cybercrime / but is partial to rhyme. His favorite poet is Ogden Nash, who said: “In chaos sublunary, what remains but constant buffoonery.” He loves comic books, and “Calvin and Hobbes” holds a special place in his heart. PS. You can pronounce his last name like this: “brick-chin-ski”.