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Product Reviews

Object First has been evaluated by leading technologists and testing firms worldwide. They have tested the performance of Ootbi in challenging technical and security scenarios, with a focus on real business results. Explore their findings below.

September 28, 2023

Ootbi by Object First: Easiest Route to Secure Backup Storage for Veeam

Ootbi is a pioneering object-based storage appliance not only thwarts ransomware but requires no specialized backup or security skills to install or administer.

September 21, 2023

Review: Object First Ootbi - Redefining Backup Storage in the Ransomware Era

Ootbi by Object First isn't just a cluster of disks. It's a pioneering backup solution that intuitively integrates the prerequisites of today's businesses.

January 03, 2024

Object First Ootbi: How Object First Ended Waident's 10-year Hunt for Immutable Onsite Backup Storage

Explaining Ootbi's role in Veeam solutions helps Waident showcase its differentiating strategic know-how as well.