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it2grow becomes the first partner of Object First in the Netherlands

POSTED ON: Mar 6th 2024

On March 5th, it2grow, Veeam's leading VASP partner, announced it will become Object First's first partner in the Netherlands. Object First offers 'the best storage solution for Veeam users' and is specifically designed to provide ransomware-proof data protection for Veeam users.

According to Patrick Louwe, director of it2grow, the partnership with Veeam is crucial in it2grow's strategy. That is why he wants to focus strongly on the introduction of Object First. “We are excited to become Object First's first partner in the Netherlands and offer our customers the best possible storage solution for their data protection,” said Louwe. "We make our customers' IT environments more resilient by building security and rapid recovery into every part of the infrastructure."

“Object First is thrilled to partner with IT2Grow and bring Ootbi's secure, simple, and powerful backup storage to Veeam customers in the Netherlands," said Mark Haddleton, EMEA Channel Sales Director. "Ootbi (Out-of-the-box immutability) can be deployed in 15 minutes and supports up to 80 VMs running locally, powered by Veeam Instant Recovery on a 4-node configuration. Ootbi's power is matched by its security. It offers object-based immutability with zero access to the root or the hardened Linux operating system by default. Ootbi's storage environment is completely secured, validated, and 3rd party-tested and comes preconfigured out of the box - no security expertise required. We look forward to bringing Ootbi's secure, simple, and powerful storage to the Netherlands with IT2Grow!”

Jos Malipaard, IT architect at it2grow and Veeam Vanguard, is closely involved in the latest developments of Veeam and is very enthusiastic about the simplified integration of Object First and Veeam. “Object First provides out-of-the-box immutability with zero access to the root directory, providing a secure, simple and powerful backup storage solution for mid-size Veeam customers looking for ransomware-proof data protection," said Malipaard.

 "Unfortunately, Veeam regularly asks us to intervene in environments that have been hacked," Louwe continues. “Then we help to quickly make the most important part operational again. With Object First, there is more certainty that the backup is clean and available for use.”

 An introduction campaign in the Netherlands will be announced within a few weeks.