Since our debut in June 2022, Object First has been part of VMware Explore, driving innovation and growth together. We kicked off the event with the VMunderground warm-up party in Las Vegas, setting the tone for a week of innovation and camaraderie. 

Object First meetings at VMware Explore 2023Object First presentation at VMware Explore 2023Object First team at VMware Explore 2023Object First at VMware Explore 2023

We welcomed customers and partners all throughout the event, each day was packed with engaging demos, ransomware contests, and cool swag at the booth 

Ootbi by Object First at VMware Explore 2023Object First booth at VMware Explore 2023

Anthony Cusimano shared resilient data protection strategies in a joint presentation at the Veeam booth.

Anthony Cusimano shared resilient data protection at VMware Explore 2023

As usual, we hosted exciting gaming moments topped with ultra-cool prizes. Our choose-your-own-adventure ‘Beat the Ransomware’ game tested your knowledge based on real events and data while Tetris represented how you could “clear out” ransomware from your environment. As you can see, everyone had a lot of fun with this one!  

‘Beat the Ransomware’ game winner ‘Beat the Ransomware’ game prize


At the event, two questions frequently came our way: 

1. Why are you the best storage for Veeam?

We were founded by the original Veeam creators, Ratmir and Andrei, who foresaw the future of data management and security. Today, data protection has shifted to a board-level imperative for all businesses due to ransomware, enhancing the need for instant recovery.

While Veeam excels as a data management platform, its software-defined nature creates reliability on hardware storage from partners, resulting in the industry’s largest partner ecosystem. Current on-prem object storage solutions are geared toward large-scale Kubernetes enterprise applications, but we recognized the chance to prioritize object storage for backup purposes, creating a solution tailored for Veeam and the backup use case. We’ve identified an opportunity to optimize object storage for Veeam backup, addressing a specific need in the market.

Ransomware-proof and immutable out-of-the-box, Ootbi by Object First delivers secure, simple, and powerful backup storage for Veeam customers.

2. Why ‘Ootbi’ and how do you pronounce it?

Ootbi stands for out-of-the-box immutability and represents a clever and fitting embodiment of one of our prominent product features. 

 If you’re a little confused about the pronunciation, let us clear it up for you: “ooot-bee.”  

 Thanks for joining us at VMware Explore 2023!

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Ransomware attacks
continue to increase.

Bad actors have changed tactics, and are using techniques that are more sophisticated and targeted. To help protect the organization from ransomware, security and risk management leaders need to look beyond just the endpoints.