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Object First Channel Team

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Cam Cronkright photo
Cam Cronkright
Channel Account ManagerCam.cronkright@objectfirst.com
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Daniel Magdaleno photo
Daniel Magdaleno
Inside Sales RepresentativeDaniel.magdaleno@objectfirst.com
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Jake Bell photo
Jake Bell
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Lauren Bragg photo
Lauren Bragg
Channel Account ManagerLauren.bragg@objectfirst.com
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Chris Collins photo
Chris Collins
Inside Sales RepresentativeChris.collins@objectfirst.com
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Tracy Chea photo
Tracy Chea
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Brittany Archambeault photo
Brittany Archambeault
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Vaibz Desai photo
Vaibz Desai
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Stephanie Kinsey photo
Stephanie Kinsey
National Partner ManagerStephanie.kinsey@objectfirst.com
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Lauren Greenfield photo
Lauren Greenfield
Customer & Partner Success Managerlauren.greenfield@objectfirst.com
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Aleah McGowan photo
Aleah McGowan
Inside Channel DeveloperAleah.mcgowan@objectfirst.com
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Meredith Frick photo
Meredith Frick
Head of Partner MarketingMeredith.frick@objectfirst.com
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Kasey King photo
Kasey King
Channel Marketing ManagerKasey.king@objectfirst.com
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