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Join Ootbi at VeeamOn 2023!

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Hello to our growing community! 

I’m excited to invite you to join us at VeeamOn 2023, happening in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, and virtually this week. The entire team looks forward to showcasing our Ootbi by Object First, and engaging in insightful conversations about the future of ransomware and data protection. Visit us at booth #G9 and let’s explore how Ootbi can ransomware-proof your backups. 

See the vision that drives us and how we are poised to disrupt the storage market. Founded by Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov, the original masterminds behind Veeam, Object First aims to deliver the best storage for Veeam. Our secure, simple, and powerful target appliance, Ootbi, was developed with a clear vision in mind: to ensure no one ever has to pay a data ransom again. 

Ratmir and Andrei revolutionized the backup and recovery market with Veeam, a platform now boasting over $1B in revenue and more than 400,000 customers. Now, we’re taking a similar trajectory by creating the best storage for Veeam. We focus on the storage layer of the data world to build the best storage platform to complement Veeam’s #1 data management platform. As a Veeam Alliance Program partner with Veeam Ready status, we strive to ensure Ootbi works seamlessly within the Veeam ecosystem.  

Ootbi stands tall with three key differentiators: 

  • It’s secure, preventing malicious data encryption by offering zero access to root. 
  • It’s simple, allowing users to go from box to backup to a fully secured environment in just 15 minutes. 
  • It’s powerful, with lightning-fast speeds up to 4.0GB/s to supercharge Instant Recovery 

At VeeamON 2023, we are showcasing our ransomware-proof and immutable backup storage appliance for all to see. Given the inevitability and increasing cost of ransomware, we understand the challenges that many VeeamON attendees are grappling with. As your last line of defense against ransomware, Ootbi ensures an immutable copy of data, removing the need for a hardened Linux repository and providing a high-performance backup storage target. 

Ransomware attacks 
continue to increase.

Bad actors have changed tactics, and are using techniques that are more sophisticated and targeted. To help protect the organization from ransomware, security and risk management leaders need to look beyond just the endpoints.

To spice things up, we’ve adopted the theme “Never Be Game Over.” We’re incorporating a fun arcade cabinet in our booth, showcasing how Ootbi defends against ransomware attacks with the classic Space Invaders. The player with the highest score will take home an exciting grand prize – a custom Steam Deck! 

We’re giving a keynote discussing how to build resilient data protection and the critical role of immutability in ransomware defense on Tuesday 5/23 at 1PM at the Technology Playground. We are also hosting Ratmir’s Legendary Vodka Happy Hour, which promises to be the highlight of the conference. Visit our booth to find out how you can snag tickets to this must-attend event. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there! LEGO lovers and those hot on collecting cool merch should swing by our booth to win some awesome sets and get their hands on our “Never Be Game Over” shirts, polarized sunglasses, and more – a perfect fit for sunny Miami Beach. 

We are thrilled to be participating in the VeeamON again this year. This engaging community event, renowned for bringing together the best minds in data protection, presents an exciting opportunity for you to connect with us and experience Ootbi, so visit us at booth #G9 and let’s explore how Ootbi can ransomware-proof your backups. 

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