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Kasey King
Kasey King, an accomplished 2023 graduate from the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business, began her journey at Object First as a Marketing Specialist Intern almost two years ago. Now serving in a full-time role as the Channel and Alliances Marketing Manager, Kasey leverages her academic foundation in marketing and leadership to enhance partnerships. Inspired by her experience in the prestigious Institute for Leadership Advancement program at Georgia, she is dedicated to creating impactful opportunities and fostering meaningful collaborations in the field. In her free time, you can find Kasey being just as creative as she is in her day job, making art with her hands, writing, and sharing what inspires her.
February 13, 2024 | 4 min to read

5 Ways We Are Showing Love to Our Partners This Year

Love is in the air! At Object First, we are gearing up for chocolates, roses, candle-lit dinners, and extending extra love to our valued partners. Just like the spirit of the Valentine’s season, our Channel strategy is rooted in a genuine, heartfelt approach that leaves our partners feeling supported and appreciated. With the recent launch of our 2024 Partner Program, we are excited to unveil five ways we show love to our partners, ensuring a relationship as enduring as a classic love story.