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Ratmir TimashevRatmir Timashev
Ratmir Timashev
Ratmir Timashev is a globally recognized entrepreneur and technologist. Ratmir Founded and previously served as CEO of Veeam, the global leader in cloud data protection and management software, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Ratmir earned a Master’s degree in Chemical Physics from the Ohio State University in 1996, where he continues to champion of education and technological innovation across the American Midwest. He and his family are strong supporters of STEM education and the arts.

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Creating a new market: object storage backup appliance. Ransomware-proof.

Evolution is a beautiful thing. We see it daily in our personal lives, family, friends, and nature. What’s interesting is that things also evolve when we look at the IT sector and, more specifically, data storage. However, it’s not evolution that creates and shifts markets — it’s a revolution…