New 192TB Ootbi Unit

Bring more size, scale and security to your Veeam backups!

We’ve expanded the Ootbi (out-of-the-box-immutability) family with a new 192TB appliance, unlocking up to 768TB of usable immutable backup storage per cluster. And now with Veeam’s 12.1.2 release, you can get over 3PB of storage using Ootbi clusters as extents in a Veeam Scale-Out Backup Repository (SOBR).

Continuous third-party testing ensures that Ootbi storage is reliable and secure, and new security features include enhanced support for NTS time service options and named admins.

Choose the Right Ootbi to Scale Your Backup Storage:
Node 64TB 128TBNew 192TB
Cluster 256TB 512TB 768TB

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