Object First Help : How to Acquire the Object First Appliance Serial Number

Object First Appliance Serial Number is crucial for logging a support case with Object First Support. There are multiple ways to acquire this information. This KB describes how to locate the Serial Number.

Locating the Serial Number

- Using IPMI

  1. Learn the IP address IPMI interface obtained over DHCP. It can be retrieved from the DHCP server.

  2. Log in to IPMI using the web browser. The factory-generated IPMI credentials are supplied with the server and can be placed on a box, such as on the side of the chassis or a service tag.

    See the service tag location below.

    NOTE: IPMI console and access should be secured or network restricted. Please do not enable IPMI connection over the Internet.

  3. Once the login is successful, the IPMI main screen is available.

  4. Select FRU Reading.


  5. Locate the SerialNum line.

- Text User Interface

  1. Log in to Text User interface via SSH (if SSH access is available), IPMI, or connect a VGA-compatible screen and USB keyboard to the ports at the rear side of the Object First Ootbi appliance.

    SSH access can be enabled in SSH access tab of the Web User Interface (Settings > Security > SSH access). See more about the Security view Security view.
    NOTE: For the first-time TUI access, the appliance automatically logs in to TUI. The further logins (i.e., once the password is updated) require typing objectfirst user credentials specified during the setup process.
    NOTE: TUI can be opened manually from the terminal with sudo objectfirst-tui

  2. Navigate to System Information

  3. See the System Serial Number

- Sticker at the Rear of the Product

Please locate the sticker on the rear side of the appliance.